How to start tattooing?

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So you want to know how to start tattooing? Maybe I can help.

How to start tattooing.

In order to get the answer that best fits your needs, first you have to define what tattooing means to you, what you expect from it. Do you want to build a career, want to have a side job, another way to artistically express yourself, are just curious about how it’s done..?

Depending on your goals the approach to the learning can be different. You can have an apprenticeship, take classes, be a complete self-thaught or hire a tutor to guide you through the path.

I would say that if you don’t have money falling from your pockets but also don’t have to work for your survival, no rent to pay and don’t have to worry about the next meal, the apprenticeship looks a better way to start.

If you have adulthood obligations and your life isn’t granted, then as you already used to, the hard way seems to be the smart choice to start. Start by acquiring knowledge from publications and find a experienced professional to act as a tutor and take dedicated classes when possible. This way demands more dedication since you aren’t able to expend your working time to learn it as in an apprenticeship.

Now if your situation is that you can plan your schedule to find some time, also have a way to invest in your development, hiring a tutor and taking dedicated classes is the best option. You’ll evolve on your own time without all the stress of being divided in completing your chores and trying to learn at the same time as it usually happens with apprentices. At the same time it will not take forever searching for trustable articles in the few minutes you can still keep your eyes open after working the whole day in some you don’t like as usually happens when you are teaching yourself in a subject that doesn’t have lots of literature related, even the practice being as old as society.

I’ve been studying and practicing tattooing for over a decade. During this time have been able to build a stable career. Probably I’m not what you would imagine as the stereotype of a tattoo artist. I don’t have tattoos over my face or hands. I don’t take part in tattoo competitions and whenever I go to conventions, I try to dedicate myself to observe and learn, also talk to costumers and people interested in tattooing, not only other artists. When I write these words it makes sense to me, but there were times that I questioned myself if it was a good approach.

Now times are different. I moved to a new old continent just before the pandemic brake through and, as it was for everyone, the plans went meaningless and a new way to organise life had to take place.

In the beginning I was drawing like crazy and preparing to the come back, but the come back didn’t happened and now the will of drawing and painting is gone. Strange thoughts populated the mind and I’ve been thinking a lot about the processes that took me where I am. I must say it’s not a comfortable place in comparison to what was before the events of 2021, but it could be way worse.

So I decided to write about how someone can start tattooing. What are the options we have and what can be done to minimise the risks of failure and increase the chances success. It’s quite pretentious, but I’ll give it a try.

If you have any questions or suggestions for which subjects should been approached first, just let me know. You can comment here or send me a message on the contact form or even on Instagram.

Be good, keep safe.

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