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it's a kind of magic

It is a simple and direct process, you tell me your idea, or story if there’s one, and I make a wow tattoo for you. Obviously there can be a few more steps, but you’ve got the idea.


I am Tiago Tavares Tattoo, a south american currently tattooing in Freiburg Im Breisgau.


In over 15 years of experience in tattooing, I’ve been able to collect, improve and develop different skills and techniques. All put to use so you get a piece of art on your skin. A tattoo that, more than just looking nice on the picture, looks amazing in real life.


Style wise, what I make is called Tavarismus. It doesn’t matter if we make it black and grey or mit alles Farben in der Welt, it will look like a gorgeous painting that flows with the body.


Delicate or bold, elegant or crude, from the heart or the mind… you will get a real artwork that worth wearing for the rest of your life.


For appointments or any questions that aren’t covered at the FAQ, you have the kontakt form.

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