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Message me so we can find a date for your next great tattoo

Blackwork, realistic, fineline or coloured tattoos. Custom artwork made exclusively for you. 

Considering your wishes during the creation process, I make a design that belongs to your body and looks great in real life. 

Years of experience to ensure your tattoo will be awesome in the long run. 

Check some of the work done in the portfolios and message me with your idea.



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About tavares

Legend says that, while still in kindergarten and after countless complaints from his mother about the drawings on the walls, he hid under the bed to draw on the mattress platform. There, his doodles would not challenge the harmony of the small apartment where he lived in the north zone of Porto Alegre, his hometown.

At school, notebooks and tests always displayed drawings instead of the expected letters and numbers. This craze for doodling combined with his endless curiosity guided him through artistic learning.


It is noticeable that his artistic approach, elevated technic plus all the experience, are put together with his communicative skills, improved during his time working as a journalist, to facilitate the understanding with the client on the creation of supreme artwork.


If you ask him what is his style, he will answer with a smile that it’s called Tavarismus. But don’t let that smile fool you, he really developed an own style that beyond aesthetic, involves the whole process of tattooing and each project has it’s particular approach. It is something that involves realism, blackwork, fineline, watercolour, portrait, fullcolor and abstract. 


We already saw him making complete oil paintings on canvas just to find the right feeling certain tattoos required. Most usually the client will be presented a digital design or even have the design created with brushes directly on the skin before the needles take place.


For those who enjoy art, to see Tavares at work can be a delight. Although he doesn’t seems to be afraid of the cameras, isn’t that common that he will post about his personal life on social media, but if you take your time to check his instagram profile, you will certainly find a few videos where you can see his process happening.


If you are thinking about getting a new tattoo, I advise you to send him a message and book that date ASAP, with all that moving through his career, who knows when you will get another chance.

Where has him been?


Hilda Venturini Atelier

Porto Alegre - RS

Here is where the formal art studies begun. Oil on canvas technics. Mostly dedicated to figurative realism landscape and portraits.


On this period took place several artistical and independent publication workshops and free courses.


Estúdio Diego Fernandes
Criciúma - SC

With an already stablished photo-journalist career, here the tattooing apprenticeship started with the argentinian Diego Fernandes . Also where the professional career begun.


This was an endeavour that took place more by the circumstances than for desire. During this period a great amount of workshops both about tattooing and body piercings were attended.


Tattoo Arte
Novo Hamburgo - RS

Here the development of different technics happened on a daily basis. Particularly the realism with Éder, the neo traditional with New Vargas, the dot work with Fillipe Pacheco and the japanese with Diego Santelano.  


Edu Tattoo Blood and Bazaar
Porto Alegre - RS

Back to hometown the structure of the studio propitiated deeply improvement on different aspects of the trade. Just the whole experience of Edu was already worth mention, plus the coexistence with other great artists as Maura, Griza, Camilo, Ivy, Jean, Dennis, Juliano, Peter... and many others contributed on the formation. 


13 Custom Tattoo
Porto Alegre - RS

With the different studio approach that proportionated a next level of creative freedom allied to the experience of Robério and Chilli, plus the ingenuity of Cândido, Griza and Felipe, improvement took a renewed pace and some iconic tattoos were made here.


Maura Tattoo Studio
Porto Alegre - RS

While the preparations for the change were arranged, this was the place to be with Maura at his new studio. Also attended as guest at Teix in Curitiba, Tattooaria and Hostel Tattoo in São Paulo and Fogassa Tattoo in Urussanga.

2021- today

Since the year that changed everybody's lives, attend as a resident artist aside Matti, Mace, Laura and Max. Also got to work with David, Stefan, Heiko, Daniel, Anika, Marika, Rosita and many others that passed by here. At the same time is a regular guest in Heidelberg at Nativo International by Luis.

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