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   The legend says that while still in kindergarten, in the early 80's, after numerous complaints of his mother about drawings on the walls, he used to hid under the bed to draw on the bed platform since paper wasn’t enough support for his child masterpieces. There, his scribbles should not challenge the harmony of the small apartment decoration where he lived in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil.

   At school, notebooks often exhibited drawings instead of the expected letters and numbers. This habit of doodling coupled with endless curiosity guided him through the artistic learning.

   Also in his hometown, attended the Atelier Hilda Venturini, where he became acquainted with the oil on canvas painting technique and participated in publishing workshops on Mario Quintana Culture House.

   At age of 20, moved to Santa Catarina, the next state in north direction with a much better weather and marvellous beaches. There he went to college, studied communication and worked as photojournalist. During a coverage story about tattoo, met the argentine artist Diego Fernandez, with whom started the tattoo apprenticeship and worked for a couple years.


   Started his own tattoo studio in 2009. But being apart from other artists made evolution a slow painful process. So three years later went back to his hometown to find a place between great artists and exchange experiences and develop his mastery. Ended up joining the staff at Tattoo Art NH. After that, served several years in Edu Tattoo Blood and Bazaar team, at the time one of the oldest and most prestigious tattoo studios in South America.


   From that integrated the team at the 13 Custom Tattoo, in Porto Alegre, right in the heart of the most effeverscent cultural mix in south of Brazil, meanwhile attended as a guest artist in a handfull studios in central Europe.


   Before moving back once again to the sunny beaches of Santa Catarina, spent a few months in the Maura Tattoo Studio. Place where he would serve every time he’s back in Porto Alegre.


   Next he went in a kind of nomad life attending Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo states, always coming back to the same tattoo studios, Maura Tattoo Studio, Cleomar Fogassa Tattoo, Estúdio Galeria Teix, Tattooaria and Hostel Tattoo.


   For the last years he’s a resident artist in Fuchsbau Tätowierhandwerk in the lovely sunny city of Freiburg im Breisgau, Southwest of Germany, in the triple border with Switzerland and France.


   His artwork in tattoos are distinct as he can achieve them to look like live paintings instead of the usual pen drawing aesthetic. Using both tradicional and self developed pigmentation technics, they are real artwork made to last a life-time. 


   As an artist, he is very communicative and quickly at understanding the costumer desire, probably inherited from the time he served as a photojournalist.

   Tiago Tavares makes custom tattoos with own style and exclusive creations, ranging from black and grey realism to abstract watercolour and produces oil paintings on canvas, watercolors on paper, digital illustrations, 3D characters, digital sculpting, photography, videos, audio tracks, barbecues and many other things a busy sharp mind can create. 

   Some say he is a kind of contemporary renaissance person, eager for knowledge, but he describes himself as just a curious guy that ended up dedicating more time to some fields of research than others, like tattoos or photography, so you may call him a specialist on that.


   There are more information about his process, special tips on how to take proper care of your tattoo, how to choose the right artist for your tattoo project, what to consider before getting a new tattoo and many more insightful views on the blog feed here at the site.

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