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Tavares Tattoo | the best of watercolor tattoo from Brazil to the world.

    I've been doing this over a decade and the main feature of my artwork with tattoos is the approach of it as a painting process. 

     Lately I've been working with a more abstract style, developing the drawings with brushes directly on the skin. The result achieved is the interpretation of your desire, the concept you brought in the language of brushstrokes and ink splatters. Of course a little figurative work here and there doesn't hurt.

     Beyond meaning - even if the idea is meaningless, the anatomy of the moving body tells me how to achieve harmony between art and person. The tattoo is made for your life and not for a photography, even that they look gorgeous in pictures.

     The choice for abstract language goes further than aesthetics. Is about rescuing a feeling we lost when tattoo got mainstream. It's the comeback of that rebellion feeling when you get a tattoo, the rescue of that fuck you feeling. A way to give back to the tattooed person the control over it's own body like we had before the tattoo was widely accepted.

     The meaning ceases to be explicit and recognizable, the power returns to the hands of the tattooed.

     Don't get me wrong, I don't think that the acceptance of tattooing is a bad thing, only that those of us that got tattooed to feel distinct have the option to still outstand the herds.

     Some people call it avant-garde, I call it fucking awesome tattoos.

     Obviously this is not for everyone and I continue to work with more square traditional things. You can say that I do anything, not whatever.

     Here on the site you'll find a F.A.Q. session that can help you understand how things work in this world.

     For questions you have the online answering service. For scheduling, the contact form.




     1. Practical contact with and observation of facts or events. "David had already learned his lesson by this wonderful experience”;

     2. Involvement in, participation in; contact with;

Ex.: "David gained his first experience of awesomeness_mega_power with his first tattoo";

     David is a good guy, be like David. Come get experienced and evolve yourself.

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